The Promind

Dr. Douglas Smith helped professional and elite athletes to maximize their success, health, happiness and longevity. He taught the key principles, strategies and tools that allow clients to remove the hidden obstacles and self-sabotage that prevent long term satisfaction, security and safety.

As a leading Sports Psychologist and Executive Coach for over 30 years, his client list included many well known, international  CEO’s and professional athletes in several sports.

Dr. Doug lived what he preached.  He had a successful career as an elite hockey player and golfer.  He was ranked as Ontario’s fourth top mid amateur golfer.

A passionate, humorous and riveting speaker, Dr. Doug energizes, educated and left his audiences brimming with drive, determination and a “can do” attitude.

He also was preparing a book on what it takes to be a superstar and thrive under adversity.  He appeared often on CBC, Global and Rogers T.V. and in most of the major newspapers in Canada.  He held a business degree, Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

His past speaking engagements included BMO, Great West Life, Investor’s Group, RCGA, Mid Northern Golf Associations, Divots, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Scarborough, Durham, Peel and Windsor Boards of Education, Yellow Pages, MinCom Computers, Bentel and many others.

Dr. Doug was happily married for over 50 years, has 2 “superstar” sons and four beautiful, precocious grandchildren.


Dr. Douglas Smith talks about sports psychology.