Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Horse RacingDr. Smith has been an invaluable resource for Jockeys and Trainers over the last 7 years.  He has taken jockeys and trainers from relative obscurity to be shining stars.  They have won awards that completely dazzle themselves, the media and everyone else. Unfortunately, everyone thinks the breed and bloodline determine the ultimate success of every outstanding horse and we now know that the jockey and trainer can and do make a huge difference with the success level of every champion horse.  Mental attitude, confidence, focus and love make all the difference between a good horse and a champion.If that were not the case, they wouldn’t have all the  champion jockeys riding the best horses. What makes a champion jockey and trainer…the Mental skills….courage, fearlessness, good communication, pleasant personality, balance, attitude, supreme confidence, focus, managing pressure and love of the horse and all the pressure and anxiety that goes with being a champion.  In addition, jockeys have to be in great physical and mental shape. They must be disciplined to avoid drugs, alcohol, weight issues and personal and family upheavals.  Jockeys must realize that failure, criticism and down times are necessary to develop success in the long run. The reality is that there are no accidents or flukes in this world.  Every champion horse, jockey and trainer has been mentally prepared, trained and educated for their success.